Handmade Bend Ceramic Process

mike sculpting old mill districtThe item is first sculpted in clay by Bend artist and co-owner of Handmade Bend, Michael Knapek.line

The finished artwork is molded in plaster.The finished artwork is molded in plaster.line
Liquid clay is poured into the plaster molds.Liquid clay is poured into the plaster molds. line 
when the clay has reached the desired thickness, the remaining liquid clay is poured from the moldsWhen the clay reaches the desired thickness, the excess liquid is poured out, creating a hollow form.line
the forms are demolded and cleanedThe forms are demolded.line
chasing cast clayThe slip cast clay forms are cleaned and handles are attached while the mugs are still moist.  Assembled mugs are left uncovered until they become 'bone dry'.linekiln loaded for bisque fire
The dried pieces are placed in the kiln for the initial firing, creating 'bisqueware'.line
the bisqueware are dipped in glazeThe bisqueware is coated in glaze and fired again. line 
kiln with finished, glazed ceramicsOnce the kiln interior achieves approximately 2200 degrees, a durable, glass-like finish is created, completing the art.line
From Bend, beginning to the end.

Cast. Created. Fired. Oregon.