About Us

Where we started

Kim Tallent has been helping organize businesses while practicing photography and various forms of art for over 20 years. Michael Knapek has been working with clay since early childhood, graduating to mold making and bronze casting over the last 16 years.

Together we blend all of our life experiences, pulling the best from each of us to perform all aspects of making Handmade Bend succeed.

Over the years, friends will tell you we’ve had some interesting business concepts. From art galleries with bistros to improved dog leashes. But when we started working with ceramics, it was time to try something really new.

...we decided to follow our passions and make the jump.

And to do new, we reached back, in time. Attempting to draw out new ideas and blend them with our life experiences. Our studies have driven us back between 50 and 5,000 years ago. Back when kilns were made of mud or photography was printed on plate steel.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create artwork that can be used in our everyday lives. Creating fine art and functional ceramics inspired by the people, towns and natural beauty of oregon.

What's next?

Mike is working on new ceramic and bronze works. Kim is working on unique paintings, sculptures, and more!

We are always busy creating new work, so follow us on instagram or facebook to see the newest from Handmade Bend.